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Switchco Products - PC Boards

PC boards highlighted in Yellow are currentlly out of stock.

Please order by catalog number.

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An A01 Switch & A 585 (5+8.5F) Capacitor Use this conversion unit to replace a variable speed, transformer (choke), knob operated three or four speed control. The A01-585 is also appreciated when installed in fans using only one two wire capacitor that has excessive motor hum. When an A01-585 unit is installed in this type of fan, the original three wire capacitor will be used as a starting capacitor. This will eliminate most of the motor hum. This unit is also a direct replacement in many late model fans. $22.90
HPM52 One 5 F Capacitor, One Reverse switch, One S3002 Pull Chain Switch, and One Nine Pin Male Plug Mounted on a PC Board as shown on the left. The letters H.P.M. 1 PC52 are on back. (for Home Pride replacement) $24.95
AR-101 Has 3 Capacitors: 6+6+6 F (No Light Wire) Manufacturer Air Cool, Fan Model Regency $24.95
AR-102 Has 3 Capacitors: 6+6+6 F (With Light Wire) No longer available
Use AR-101 and ask us to install light wire.
AR-311 Has 3 Capacitors: 6+5+4.5 F (With Light Wire) Manufacturer Air Cool, Fan Model Regency $24.95
FR-101 Has 3 Capacitors: 6+4+6 F Manufacturer Favor, Fan Model Regency $24.95
S30RC S3002 SW. Reverse SW. & Connector
Replace the pullchain switch with S3002 or A09.

Replace reverse switch with SPDT slide switch

(Requires Soldering.)

KR-101 Has 3 Capacitors: 10+10+7 F Manufacturer Kontrust, Fan Model Regency $24.95